This page explains the types of membership we have at PCG. Click on one of the links below to join up!

Gardening Membership

Gardening Membership provides you with access to the large communal gardening space at any time. We supply seeds and seedlings (although you are welcome to bring your own) as well as fertiliser, soil, compost, tools and everything else needed to make the garden thrive.  Other gardeners will be very happy to help you as we garden together and your skills develop.

All gardening members share the harvest of fresh fruit, veggies, flowers and herbs that come from our hard work. There’s always plenty to go around!

To become a Gardening Member click on the option that best describes you below.

$80 Individual | $40 Concession | $140 Families | $70 Family Concession


Composting Membership

This membership is for those want to add your (plant-based) kitchen and garden waste to the community compost system. You will receive the gate combination so that you can access the system at any time.

$30 Full | $15 Concession


Personal Plots

In addition to the communal gardening areas, which are the majority of the garden, we have a small number of plots available for use by individual members.  Personal plot members also contribute strongly to communal gardening.  If you are or become a Gardening member and are interested in using a personal plot, please ask a committee member.    

(Please note, joining online requires payment by credit/debit card. Should you wish to use an alternative method for payment, please contact us at before completing the membership form.)